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Power Ear™

You barely know its there

Couple with Power Ear™
  • Patented, state of the art, digital hearing aid
  • Separately adjust high and low sounds
  • Rechargeable - no batteries to replace
  • FDA registered
  • The first hearing aid that enables you to make these adjustments on the fly, wherever you may be
  • Amplifies & clarifies the sound
  • More features than hearing aids costing thousands!

Introducing Power Ear™

It is important to know Power Ear™ is not a simple sound amplifier. It's a patented, state of the art, digital hearing aid that can separately adjust the high and low sounds to customize what works best for you.

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Family in living room

Hear kids and grandkids the first time

Couple wwatching TV

Great at home or in loud crowded places

Couple outside tent

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

No Prescription - No Hearing Test - No Audiologist Visit Rechargeable - No batteries to replace!


“I am a retired and stubborn 78-year-old man with comfortable but limited means. For years, I have been aware of my increasing difficulty in hearing, especially in restaurants or small groups where there is background noise. I also unconsciously turned my head to the right to hear better with my left ear. And then there was watching TV with my grandchildren and family where I was always asking them to turn up the volume.

Late last year I was offered a free hearing evaluation from a local audiologist. I made an appointment and was administered an hour long extensive and thorough examination in a soundproof room with follow up. I was diagnosed with mild to medium hearing loss. I was offered and tested several hearing aid solutions ranging in price from $1,750 to $4,250. The one that was best suited of me was $2,250. After discussing this with my wife, we decided to defer and evaluate a few inexpensive hearing aids that were advertised on TV and online.

After a succession of abject failures, we discovered the website, read it and watched the video. At first it seemed too good to be true. $99 bucks? Well, it wasn’t too good to be true it turned out to be just what I needed even though it was a tad larger than two of the others that I tried but didn’t work as well.

I heartly recommend the Power Ear.” Roger M., Denver, CO

“My wife has stopped yelling at me since I started wearing my Power Ear. That's because I now hear her! Marriage saved. Thanks to Power Ear...” Irwin P., NY

“I really enjoy its best feature, adjusting high and low tones to my hearing loss it is a plus! Thanks Power Ear!!” Allan Miller, NY


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